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The electric printing telegraph is now known as the facsimile machine. Also known as the telefax or the telecopying, it is the telephonic transfer and transmission of data on the printed and scanned material. It can contain both texts as well as images. It is normally sent to a telephone number that is connected to a printer a similar output device. The document is scanned with a facsimile machine.  The contents of the paper are processed as a fixed image and then converted into a bitmap. This is transmitted through the telephone in the form of an audio-frequency tone. The facsimile machine on the receiving end interprets this tone and reconstructs the image into the contents as was present on the original document.

These machines are an indispensable part of any business enterprise. Organizations send documents instantly through this mode of communication. The speedy service and the security value that is attached to it are highly appreciated. It is indeed a recommended addition to all set-ups, be it a start-up or an established firm.

A fax burner machine delivers documents at a speed that regular posts cannot even dream of matching up to. These machines have been designed in such a way that documents are sent and received in a matter of minutes. When signatures are required instantly, it is the facsimile machine that comes to the rescue.
There are other uses of this machine as well. It can serve as a copier, scanner, and a printer as well. You save a lot of money because you do not need to buy separate machines for a scanner, printer, and a copier.

In time, it has become an important means of communication in the world of business. Even with the incredible advancement in technology, the machine that was invented in the nineteenth century still, plays a vital role. Long before electronic mails were invented, it was the fax machine that was widely used and popularly demanded. Today, despite cellular phones and video calling gadgets, the fax machine has not lost its charm.

Online faxing or internet faxing enables the application of the internet protocol in order to send a facsimile (fax) as opposed to using the traditional telephone networks with a facsimile machine. Online fax includes email fax and web fax along with voice over internet protocol (VOIP). VOIP is a technology that enables voice calls using the broadband internet connection as opposed to a regular and analogue phone line.

While some VOIP connections allow you to call only those who utilise the same service while other services allow you to call anyone who has a phone connection. This includes local, international and cellular phone numbers. Internet fax enables documents to be attached to an e-mail. This can be faxed to the analogue facsimile machine. Documents that can be transmitted include PDF files, Microsoft word files, and scanned images.

This is a hoisted service. It does not require facsimile servers or any special software. Subscription to a third party internet facsimile machine can enable services to convert electronic mails to faxes and faxes to electronic mails. Electronic mail is the only application that is necessary in order to receive and send internet facsimile documents. These files can also be sent from a cellular phone or other handheld phones.

With ecological imbalance and protection of the environment and the trees taking importance, one would assume that the need for the facsimile machine will eventually deteriorate. But it does not seem to be the case. The need for this machine is just as much as it has been in the past. Business communications will still need this machine and the time frame predicted for the same is at least a decade. Nations that are economically advanced and technologically diverse still stand by the fax machine.

Advantages of a facsimile machine

  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Accurate
  • High-speed transmission
  • Economic

The reliability of the machine is one of its strongest advantages. The documents are sent and received without fail. Another big advantage of the online facsimile machine is the automatic segregation of the emails. Today, every business enterprise sends emails to promote their business. Spam emails are at their peak. It is not possible to read all the emails in the inbox.

It can be safely assumed that the ones that arrive via facsimile machine are urgent and important emails. The fax machine is very efficient. Newsletters and sales letters will not get printed as a fax. Spam filters are very efficient and will not let unnecessary emails go through.

One disadvantage is that the bulk of faxes that you might have to read. It can still be a challenge to read them all. Rest assured the quality of the data in the facsimile is better than that of the electronic mails.

Online faxing has another advantage. It promotes the flexibility of the business by enabling communication to both the e-mail Ids as well as the facsimile machines of the receiver. Communication with the vendor and the customer is dramatically enhanced. Relationships are improved by efficient and instant transfer of data. Online faxing enables you with all the advantages of an actual fax machine without the presence of the actual clunky facsimile machine occupying all the space in the office room.


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